Hello Girl Scout parents!

This is a friendly reminder to REGISTER you and your daughter for Girl Scouts Troop #2821. Please follow the steps below and contact Cathy Karoly, registrar for Troop #2821 (catherinekaroly, 323-333-1920) with any questions or problems regarding registration.

Cathy has received most of the health history and cookie sales forms. If you haven’t turned those in, please scan and send them.
PLEASE NOTE: turning these forms in DOES NOT mean you are registered!!!

So far, the following are registered:
Margaux Berger
Kiara Engstrom + Giselle Engstrom
Beth Femino
Maddie Gomez + Jean Gomez
Hannah Karoly + Cathy Karoly
Alexis Kim + Tiffany Kim
Michaela Sabbag + Maggie Sabbag
Reese Yen

If you or your daughter’s name is NOT on this list, but you believe that you have registered yourself or daughter already, please contact Cathy Karoly. You may have not linked our troop number (#2821) with the registrant. This is fixable!!

If your name is NOT on this list because you haven’t registered, please do so ASAP! Girl Scouts is very strict about not allowing girls to participate in meetings without being registered.

The steps are simple! Just follow them below:

1. Go to the Girl Scouts eBiz registration site https://gsusa.ebiz.uapps.net/vp/default.aspx?pid=52
2. Click on Create a New Account in eBiz. Enter your information first.
3. Now enter your daughter’s information. When ask how you will participate, click on Troop, and enter the troop #2821, Service unit 418 (San Marino).
4. Pay the $15 registration fee
5. Print the health history form and Cookie Program permission slip, fill it out. Please scan and send it to Cathy Karoly at catherinekaroly@gmail.com.

Happy registering :))))