Hello one and all,
Some pertinent information:
The cookie club website is now live.  Your daughters’ login is as follows (PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE ORIGINAL INFORMATION I SENT!)  username: firstname02821 (kiara02821) password: firstname2023 (kiara2023)
This website has great tools for the girls to safely and effectively get the word out electronically that they are selling cookies.  Please encourage them to use it.  (Please send me the waiver I sent earlier if you haven’t already.)
Main/Major/Most pertinent Rules of selling (PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS – these scouts are STRICT!):
1) Girls that go door to door MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.
2) Lemonade-type selling stand is allowed ONLY ON YOUR OWN PROPERTY.  (Not on the corner, not at your neighbors house that gets more traffic).
3) Boothing/stationery selling is not allowed at any time.
4) You may have a “mobile unit” (i.e. wagon) decorated and filled to sell with, but it must be a “walkabout” – moving at all times. Walkabouts can not be conducted in business areas (you may not walk down lake ave with a wagon of cookies.)
5) Cookie selling is for the girls.  Adults MAY NOT SELL directly.  If you want to sell at your place of business, we encourage you to find a time to have your daughter come to your office, give her pitch and walk around taking orders and collecting the money herself.  You can then bring the ordered boxes in the following day.  If you want to have cookies at your desk, your daughter MUST make the signage, with a small letter introducing herself.
Important Dates:
Jan. 22-24 Cookie delivery to service units. Delivery dates and locations will vary.
Jan. 24 Cookie program begins.
Jan. 27 Cupboards open. Troops pick up in whole case quantity until Feb. 15. Cupboard Calendar coming soon.
Feb. 5 Boothing begins.
Feb. 6 Cookie Mobile contest submissions due.
Feb. 12 Last day for troops to deposit funds to cover first ACH debit.
Feb. 15-28 Exchanges accepted at designated cupboards. Troops may pick up in box quantities through to the end of sale.
Feb. 16 First ACH debit by council.
Feb. 26-28 National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend!
Feb. 29-March 6 Consignment cookie orders now available at designated cupboards (max 10 cases).
March 6 Cookie program ends.
The girls scout website is incredibly well done, chalk full of info and easy to navigate. I encourage you to spend 10 minutes looking at it with your daughter to fill in any questions you might have and to gather inspiration!
Another good website:
A contest your daughter might be interested in: