It is Cookie time once again.  Cookie selling will take place from January 29th – March 12th.  The procedure is the same as last year regarding the pre-order of cookies and selling them box in hand.  I will need to have your daughter’s cookie order by this Friday, January 6th, EOD.  Cookies will be available for pick up on January 28th. 

Please read carefully:

1) Our troop goal is 50 boxes per girl.  The Girl Scout Goal for our troop is 100 boxes per girl. These goals are meant as guidelines to help in creating your girl scouts’ personal goals.  Please do what you are comfortable with – feedback from last year was that most of our scouts found the goal of 30 boxes quite easy to cover in the first weekend of selling. 

2) At the bottom of this email you will see the number of boxes each girl sold last year (this number reflects only actual cookie boxes sold – not Gift of Caring/virtual boxes). Using this number as a guideline, please make your initial order.  There will be ONE opportunity to buy more cookies during the selling season, though it would be helpful if you are able to order your personal goal selling number up front.  Please sit down with your daughter, show her the cookie reward chart ( and ask her to set a personal goal together with what you are comfortable with. I know that some of our scouts were not aware of the rewards last year and may have felt a little deflated during the presentation “ceremony.” The prizes are slightly junky, IMO, but the feeling of accomplishment for the girls was there. 

3) PAYMENT: 2 options: You can either a) pay for the cookies upfront at the time of receipt (you will then pay yourself back as your daughter sells her cookies and will have no more *required* interaction with yours truly) or b) pay nothing up front, 50% on Feb 21 and the remainder on March 12. I have no preference re: payment method.  

4) There is a cookie kick off party at Camp Mariposa in Altadena on January 14th.  Some of us attended last year and it is a little boring, but there is a patch opportunity and the chance to taste the new cookie flavor: S’MORES! (replaced Rah Rah Raisin – will be $6 like toffee-tastic.) 

5) I will be going over the cookie program with the girls at the January Meeting. There are 5 goals of the cookie program: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills and Business Ethics. Please keep these goals in mind when discussing your order with your daughter. 

A note from April:

Cookie Club On-line

I have set each of the girls up with a login and password for the online cookie club. It is a great site for everyone and those that are super excited will find all sorts of fun n games, information, videos etc on it.
link to cookie club:
username: firstinitallastname (cjohnson)
password: firstinitiallastname2025 (cjohnson2025)
Please if you can – send me back this permission form just to make sure we are following protocol.